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   Fisherman's Cove Resort—Curlew Lake, Washington, USA

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Curlew Lake

Republic, WA


Fishing and Hunting

Guests enjoy four private docks, and some of the finest rainbow trout and bass fishing anywhere at Curlew Lake, which is stocked with 250,000 trout annually.  And tiger muskie, having recently been introduced, make Fisherman's Cove a sure thing for fishermen of all sizes.

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Ferry County Fishing guide for Curlew Lake

   Fisherman's Cove and
   the surrounding area
   offer tremendous whitetail
   and mule deer hunting. 

   Bear and cougar are also
   abundant, as are grouse,
   wild turkey, and coyote. 

   A refrigerated game locker
   is available onsite for
   the convenience of
   our fishermen and hunters. 

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